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Recognising the Unseen Heroes


Every day, dedicated educators tirelessly commit to their students, innovating and improving the ways in which we teach and learn. They often work quietly, with unwavering dedication, always focusing on enhancing educational experiences.

We extend our deepest gratitude for your efforts to acknowledge these teachers for their significant contributions, which continue to shape and transform the futures of children in Australia and New Zealand.

How NEiTA Celebrates Excellence in Education:

NEiTA acknowledges and rewards outstanding educators in several impactful ways:

  • Professional Development Grants: Award winners receive up to $10,000 to advance their careers, fostering opportunities to enhance their teaching methods and student learning experiences.

  • Awards Ceremony: Recipients are celebrated in a special ceremony, recognizing their dedication and achievements in education.

  • Networking Opportunities: Winners are invited to connect, share, and learn from fellow recipients and NEiTA alumni, creating a community of exceptional educators.


Most importantly, these awards serve as a heartfelt thank you from the community, ensuring that educators know their efforts are seen, valued, and profoundly appreciated.

NEiTA Awards 2021
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Apple Awards

Recognises Australian and New Zealand primary and secondary teachers who exceed expectations, with the winners receiving a $5,000 professional development grant.

Seed Awards
Awards early childhood educators from across Australia and New Zealand, for foundational teaching, providing a $5,000 grant each. Includes a new ‘Teams’ Award offering a $10,000 grant for collaborative innovation.

Again this year a Seed ‘Teams’ Award is also up for grabs, with a shared professional development grant of $10,000 going to the winning team.

Leadership Awards

Honors outstanding leadership by principals and school heads, awarding a $10,000 grant for advancing educational excellence.

Powering Potential Awards 

In partnership with The Smith Family, awards teachers from across Australia and New Zealand, aiding disadvantaged students with a $10,000 grant.

The Terry O’Connell Regional and Remote Teachers’ Award

In memory of our former NEiTA Foundation Chairman, this award is given to those who go the extra mile – literally – for their students in remote and regional areas of Australia.

NEiTA Trustees' Alumni Award

An opportunity for a NEiTA past winner to win a further $10,000 Professional Development Grant.

What category of awards are there…?

seals_Trustees Alumni award.png

Additional NEiTA Award Categories


Recipients are also eligible for extra professional recognition.

Early Career Teaching Award

This award recognises the achievement of an early career teacher, who has been teaching from one to five years. It’s given to those who manage to incorporate advanced strategies, to meet the learning needs of their students.

Teacher Mentor Award

Teaching is a collegiate profession, with sharing of practice an ideal part of professional development, and this award is available for each of the Early Childhood, Primary and Secondary categories.

The NEITA Foundation actively encourages the development of formal and informal mentoring programs, and this is part of the process.

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